Scarf: Fashion Trend in winter 2017/2018

Scarf Fashion Trend

The intricate designs, colors and knitting patterns of the scarves enhance the fashionable appeals of your entire garment. The knits also carry the traditional touch of the material while adapting flawlessly with the latest trending features. The other types of woven scarves come in finger knitting, open weaving, free weaving, warped weaves, twisted weaves etc. The machine woven scarves are slowly being transformed to include traditional and modern designs and patterns in combination with each other.

Scarf fashion 2017/2018 –Types for Future

  • Finger Knitting: – Finger knitting can result in closely and intricately designed scarves. Long cables, small mesh design and varying color combination.
  • Crochet Stitches: – The crochet stitches are about to make a return to the center stage of fashion winter 2017/2018. Besides being fashionable in nature they provide the best protection from the cold climatic conditions.
  • Designer Weaving: – The scarf weaving machines offer plenty of patterns and designs for the winter 2017/2018. The combination of wool, silk and cotton yarns based on computer generated designs can enhance the stylish grids and contours. Post weaving embroidery works can further enhance the artistic appeals of the scarves.
  • Yarn Material: – The other yarn material for winter scarves 2017/2018 could be acrylic, soy, linen and hemp. Light weight scarves with close weaving ethnic patterns make a revival during this fall. The other notable blended yarns are muslin, satin and velvet.

Scarf fashion 2017/2018 – Weaving Pattern

  • Basket Weaves: – The basket weaves with wool and synthetic yarns are trending for winter 2017/2018 due to twin purposes of protection and fashion.
  • Asian Weaves: – Pashmina weaves from the cashmere patterns with embroidered objects are preferred by the next generation youth for their color blends.
  • African Weaves: – Kasai weave is one of the major types of designs from the African continent creating trends in the scarf collection for winter 2017/2018.

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